Car glass tinting

Everyone may love their car for different reasons, appearance, comfort or the feeling of safety during driving. With the help of the LLUMAR car foiling, you can have a more comfortable journey and besides, you can have your family shielded from the Sun's harmful UV-rays and heat, as well as from the perilous glass smithereens in a case of a glass breaking.

The LLMUAR car foils are produced with topmost expectations in mind, and are well-known from its excellent quality, colour stability and its durable scratch proof layer. Their tasks are to protect your investment and your beloved ones, and also to ensure a more pleasurable travel experience.

Advantages of the car glass tinting:

  • UV protection
  • Snow and light protection
  • Safety
  • More appealing appearance
  • Bodywork protection

Building glass foiling

Reduce your expenses on energy and increase your building's comfort with the LLUMAR building glass foils

Being one of the world's ruling foil brand, the LLUMAR aided numerous, world-wide notorious buildings' like the Buckingham palace's, the Vatican's or the Chrysler centre's various problems over the past decades, for the costumers' utmost satisfaction.

With the help of the LLUMAR the buildings' capacity, safety and appearance can be raised to a new level. It should be a solvable duty to save energy, raise the feeling of comfort, protect against graffiti, improve work conditions, decorate and to change of the building's appearance, to avoid the possibly on purpose or accidental shattering of glass, the LLUMAR gives an adequate and efficient help.

Advantages of the building glass foil::

  • Energy savings
  • Raising comfort and productivity
  • UV protection
  • Protection against glass shattering
  • Design and appearance
  • Anti-graffiti protection