Bodywork wrapping

Do you find polishing too expensive? Do you want to change the colour of your car? Do you want to stand out of the crowd with unique design? We can do it for you! We offer to wrap entire cars with top-quality Oracal, Avery, 3M foils, to carbonate components, but that we may create decoration on the basis of your personal scheme as well. We work with cast foils, so that these will not fade in colour over time as opposed to the third-rate foils you can find on the internet. We also do window tinting for your car using first class LLUMAR window film.

We also take up your personal design, we produce and put your ideal decoration on your car! Out of ideas?

You can request scheming free of charge, after which you can chose from the completed graphics.

Guard-foiling for bodywork

Védd meg autód fényezését! Láthatatlan, időtálló védelem

The first scratch hurts the most! Avoid this feeling and preserve your car's paintwork with the LLUMAR self-healing bodywork foil.

The LLUMAR bodywork foil (,PPF,) protects your car's paintwork from stone damage, insects and from being worn-out. The water-clear flexible foil, particularly designed for cars, provides protection for the areas most vulnerable for damages, like the engine bonnet, mirrors and bumpers. And it does so without any required changes on the car, not like other similar protection offering products. 

Secure your investment and prevent an incidentally expensive repair and re-polishing. Looking after it is easy, you just need to wash your car regularly and polish occasionally as usual. This invisible and durable product provides prominently protection and it has no harmful side effect on your car's original paintwork. 

The LLUMAR self-healing bodyworks are developed not to turn to yellow over time, nor to crack or blister, but to keep their original appearance for certain, as long as the gearing is done by an official LLUMAR technician.